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Mod Black Ops Zombies Xbox 360 no jtag

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#1 James 8D


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Posted 20 June 2011 - 08:17 PM

Here is a quick guide to modding your Nazi Zombies game mode on Black Ops. It can be done on any Xbox 360 and is not permanent or does not put you at risk. This can only be done offline in solo, splitscreen, or system link.

Required items:
Flash Drive (at least 2gig)
Call of Duty Black Ops (Xbox 360 version)
an Xbox 360 (doesnt require jtag or any modding)


USB Xtaf Xplorer


Download the modded .gpd here created by a guy named Cheez

1. Configure your flash drive- Put into your xbox and go to system settings, memory, and select your storage device. Then select format flash drive (will delete everything!)

2.  Move profile to flash drive- Now back out and go to your hard drive. Go into it and select profiles, select the profile you want to do the mod with (you can use your normal profile or make a new one just for this). Pick that profile and move it to your flash drive.

3. Put profile onto your computer- Move the flash drive to the computer and open up USB Xtaf Explorer. In the explorer click File and chose Open Device..., it should automatically open it up and there will be a "Content" folder. Double click content and you will find something like "E00-------------". Click that once and press  Extract on the bottom left, extract to your desktop or a new folder. Make a copy of the folder and put it in a safe location as a backup.

4. Swap the Black Ops .gpd's- Now that your profile is on your desktop, open up Modio. Go into the "E00-------------" folder and browse to the end where you find a file with the same name as your "E00-------------" and drag that into Modio. This will bring up a box with your profile's info. Click on the File Contents tab at the top. This will have all the games you have play with id's like 41560855.gpd. Find the 41560855.gpd because this is the id for Black Ops, right click it and select Extract File and save it to a safe place, (this is your backup). Right click it again and select Replace File. It will ask you to browse to the location and go and select the 4160855.gpd that I had you download earlier. Your Black Ops game is now replaced with the modded one, click back to the General File Info tab and click Rehash and Resign and wait a few seconds.

5. Move modded profile to flash drive- Back in USB Xtaf Explorer, double click back into Content, if you were not already there, and drag the "E00-------------" file into it and wait until its done.

6. Move profile to Xbox 360- Unplug any internet cable from your Xbox or disable the wireless. Go to system settings> memory> games> and find black ops. Delete the "Title Update _". Plug the flash drive back into the Xbox, browse to it in system settings like we did earlier. Now select Profiles and pick the profile you modded, now move the profile to the hard drive. Start up Black Ops and go to Solo or Splitscreen Zombies. Pick the map to play and when the game starts press the Back button. You now have the mods on and can explore your new advantages.

I will post pictures soon or maybe even a video of me in zombies on a high round using mods offline.
I also did not make the modded file or discover this mod.

#2 NinjaArmy36



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Posted 21 June 2011 - 01:38 PM

his looks great :)

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